Animal Kingdom Entrance

Disney Restroom


Walt Disney had himself four different Magic Kingdoms before it was decided that he needed a new kind of kingdom.

This new kingdom would be magical, yes, but it would not be for humans.  It would be for animals.  And also for humans.

Animal Kingdom Entrance

Wild animals and wild people. And probably wild feral cats.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in 1998.  It is the seventh park (water or otherwise) to have opened at Walt Disney World, and is most definitely the most well-themed park here.  Do you doubt that?  Take a look at entrance signs, as a for instance:

Animal Kingdom Entrance

So themey.

Compare and contrast that with the Magic Kingdom:

Magic Kingdom

It’s basically just a sign. I mean, it’s awesome, but it’s just a sign.

See?  Theming!

And what about those gorgeous trails that lead all over everywhere in the Oasis?!  Sure, there are little trails in the Magic Kingdom too, but there is no theme like this theme.

Animal Kingdom

I’m in nature…with fences and a trash can.

Never mind about the live animals everywhere.  There is just nothing better than possibly catching a glimpse of the beautiful anteaters, babirusas, and spoonbills as you rush through here as quickly as you can from the entrance to Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Animal Kingdom

No time to appreciate you. There are lines in which to be standing!

Anyway, the entrance.  I’ve spoken several times on park entrances and Animal Kingdom is much the same:  Rope drop = busy.  Any other time: fine.

Animal Kingdom has two restrooms at the entrance:

Animal Kingdom Entrance

One on the right before turnstiles/flashing Mickey heads.


Disney Restroom

One on the left just after the entrance gate.

You could call this second one the City Hall of Animal Kingdom.  It has all the same functions, including Guest Relations.  My strategy here is the use the latter restroom if you are entering the park, and the former restroom as you exit, as needed.

As always, for the animals sake, slow down!  These restrooms, much like this park, are to be savored at a relaxing pace.  It is not a stampede.  You do not want to scare the birds.

Disney Restroom

Even the delightful storks on the signs.



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