This Restroom is Fantasmic!

Disney Restroom

You may think you’re so powerful.  Well, this is my dream restroom! Fantasmic

Welcome to Fantasmic!  Tonight, our friend and host, Mickey Mouse, uses his vivid imagination to create magical restrooms at the top of a stadium overlooking a rock formation with a haunted hotel in the background.


Maleficent approves.

This restroom is wonderfully themed – it matches the style of the trendy hotel beyond.  Beyond this realm and into the realm of…the Twilight Zone.

It is too bad you can only access this restroom during Fantasmic!.  If the show is not seating or not happening, then the magical rope keeping you out is created/imagined by Mickey.


The rope is down! Swarm, swarm!

This is essentially an exclusive restroom for a show that is inclusive to all Hollywood Studios (DDMGMHSS) guests at exclusive times of the day which seats people according to their exclusive reservations and inclusive general admission policies.


Come on in! It’s exclusively for you, our guest!

In short, you would expect the restroom to be quite crowded.  But it is actually not that bad!  Arrive early and you shouldn’t have too many issues with squeezing into the restroom before squeezing into the ampitheater.  If you show up right before the show, skip it.  Why?  7000 people, one restroom, that’s why.  You do the math.


All of these people just got up and went at the same time.

Keep in mind here that there are three other restrooms on Sunset Boulevard – Across from Sunset Ranch Market, at Rock n Roller Coaster, and at Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.


I’ll show you terror.  Perhaps you’d like to see how snakelike I can be.

All of these restrooms have their advantages and disadvantages, depending usually on the time of day.  And by all of them having advantages, I mean Rock n Roller coaster has the advantage over all of them.  Go there.  It’s a journey very much within your wildest imagination.


After Fantasmic!, all employees must wash hands. Then wave them around like they just don’t care.


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