Seashore Sweets Closes Its Doors!

Seashore Sweets

Where was the best place on Walt Disney World property to get a cookie for breakfast?  For your money, you could run to Epcot to be first in line for your various Starbucks pastries and coffee, then run to Mission: Space so you can heave them up.  OR you could have parked at Boardwalk Resort, explained to the guard that you were there for cookies for breakfast, asked not to be judged for having cookies for breakfast, avoided a $20 parking fee, and enjoyed a quiet morning stroll to Seashore Sweets…then to Epcot.


She sells cookies by the Seashore.

Seashore Sweets was the place to get a delicious cookie breakfast and to enjoy Miss America.  Not the actual Miss America, mind you.  Just some Miss America paraphernalia for some reason.

Seashore Sweets

Go New York! A three-peat!

I guess you’d say that Miss America is sweet, so it follows that she’d be included in a store that also features sweets.

Seashore Sweets

Mouth-wateringly sweet.

Or, it could be because the Boardwalk is modeled after Atlantic City, the headquarters of Miss America.  Whatever.  Anyway, you could get a cookie.

Seashore Sweets

And some fudge.  And a milkshake.  And a bag of candy.  Then throw up.

Conveniently, the restroom was right there, complete with great pictures of old-timey Atlantic City.  Today, Atlantic City looks old-timey, but in a very different way.

Disney Restroom

A woman in a clam being pulled by a moose. I have no idea.

Disney Restroom

Little Mermaid, Queen of the Sea?

Seashore Sweets’ restroom was also the restroom for Flying Fish Cafe and Trattoria al Forno.  But, since both Flying Fish Cafe and Seashore Sweets are now closed, I suppose patrons of the Trattoria have to hold it or something.  I don’t know.  Who out there knows?  And, where’s the best place now to get a cookie for breakfast?

Seashore Sweets

Wear your crown with pride, headless mannequin.


    1. Hopper

      My favorite breakfast is L’Artisan des Glaces; I won’t judge you. (Noon is a perfectly reasonable time for breakfast. Don’t judge me either.)

      For cookies, I prefer Animal Kingdom. They have basically the same selection as Seashore Sweets or anywhere else, but cookies are just tastier in adorable zebra or tiger shapes.

      1. *

        Guess I’m off to Animal Kingdom! Though it’s hard to pass up that delicious Flame Tree Barbecue.

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