Disney Restroom

Most people that go to theme parks on vacation have kids.  Hundreds of them.  Thousands even.  And they fill up space.  Lots of space.  Hundreds of space.  Everything the light touches, even.  So, how does a theme park compensate for such crowds?  With theaters.  Hundreds of them.  Or, in Animal Kingdom’s case, four of them – It’s Tough to be a Bug, Finding Nemo, Flights of Wonder, and finally and most importantly (for purposes of this blog), Festival of the Lion King.

Festival of the Lion King

Be prepared.

The current version of the Lion King theater is the second version.  The first was removed and relocated to make way for future considerations.


Disney’s own group of blue men. Thanks @goofy3647 and @DFlagler121!

This new shadowy place is also the Lion’s kingdom.  The show holds 1500 people at a time, all cheering and making the noises of warthogs, elephants, giraffes, and lions.

Festival of the Lion King

What I’m telling you is that it stinks in here.

And speaking of hearing elephant noises, the Lion King restroom is just outside and downwind from the theater.

Disney Restroom

No worries, for the rest of your days.

This restroom is a free standing building, which is a plus.  It is also at the end of a walk, which is a double-plus.  Obnoxious people and their equally obnoxious children generally only come down here when there’s a show about to start.

Festival of the Lion King

See how few people there are? No show happening now!

Most people, when the show is over, don’t even double back to use this restroom.  They generally head out and go straight to the already overcrowded Africa restroom.

Disney Restroom

Not nearly as beautiful or clean as this one.

If you are strolling through Africa, you feel the pull, and there’s no Lion King show happening, hit this place up.  If there is a show happening, hold it until Avatarland opens.

Disney Restroom



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