Drop-Innoventions West

Disney Restroom

This is what I have to say about Future World West:  An outdoor character spot next to an indoor character spot next to nothing is clearly the perfect location for a restroom.

Character Spot

Look at those characters!

Seriously, it is strange to me that this restroom even exists.  There are restrooms everywhere over here.  For example, just inside Innoventions West, on the way to Club Cool, you’ll find a restroom.

And there are restrooms at all three pavilions at Future World West:

Conversely, on the other side of Future World, there is but one restroom.  If you imagine the two sides of Future World as mirror images of each other, you see that there is a restroom as a counterpart to this one on the other side.

But this still doesn’t make any sense.  This East Side restroom supports three attractions that don’t have their own restrooms.  It is uber important that this restroom is here.  I’d argue that a second one is needed, maybe between Mission: Space. and Universe of Energy.  It’s not as if there’s some other pavilion over there or something.

But I digress.  I suppose that for OCD’s sake, the West Side restroom serves a purpose.  But for need’s sake, it serves no needs.

Disney Restroom

It does make for pretty pictures, however.

Not only are there more than enough restrooms on this side of Future World, there’s also one right on the outside of World Showcase.  In short, there’s no reason to use this restroom ever.  I have never visited it, as I’ve seen no reason to use it.

Epcot Entrance

Here’s a pretty picture of Epcot’s entrance, for no real reason.

But really, I should use this restroom.  Since there is an abundance of restrooms over here, and no people in this one, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy some peace and quiet.  I mean, you could always try Soarin’.

Note – Do not try Soarin’.  Just take a Journey Into Imagination like you know you should.


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