Club Cool Can

Disney Restroom

Whew, it’s a hot one out there today!  In fact, it is so hot that I’m feeling nauseous.  I think I might need a refreshing cool drink.  I know just the place!

At the extreme end of Innoventions West, on the inside of the plaza, underneath the weird metal shadey things that don’t provide any shade, you’ll find the coolest club in all of Walt Disney World.

Club Cool

No.  You will find a room with fountain beverages in it – Club Cool.

It’s Club Cool!  Here you’ll find different selections of Coca-Cola products from all over the world!  And here’s the best part – they are free!

Club Cool

So many choices, so free!

Unless you count 20 bucks for parking, 97 bucks for the park ticket, and whatever ungodly amount you paid for a hotel room, airplane ticket, and car rental.  But this sample of Coke from a dixie cup is free!

Club Cool

Unless you want to buy a bottle.  Then cough it up.

Make sure to sample all the tastes for full enjoyment purposes.  My personal favorite is Sparberry.  And speaking of coughing it up, what’s this one on the end, with no special fancy logo?

Club Cool

It’s so delicious.  No really, try it.

Beverly is a bitter tasting bit of grossness that can only be fully understood by trying it out.  The best I can do to describe it is “carbonated fluoride rinse.”  Try it out.

Which leads me to the restroom in question.  Once you’d have your taste of Beverly, believe me, you’ll need the restroom.  Head out the door and take a left, then go through the doors to Innoventions.

Disney Restroom

A view of the Innoventions entrance, beyond which you can find the restroom.

Luckily for you, there’s basically nothing in here but the restroom.  It will not be hard to find.  There used to be video game systems, and there’s a character spot.  So basically nothing.  And what does this mean to us, restroom fans?  It means no lines!  And you thought Journey to Imagination was the best restroom in Epcot.

Disney Restroom

A view of the men’s room sign, beyond which you can find the doors to outside.

After your restroom stop, why not head back over to Club Cool for a second round?  After all, you know you just made room for more.  Taste the feeling of Beverly one more time.

Club Cool

Such delicious flavors.


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