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Disney Restroom

Last time we talked, I discussed the fact that there are no Jungle Book attractions in any Disney park.

Today, we discuss Alice.  There are Alice attractions everywhere!  Now, this is the way to treat a timeless classic!  Alice attractions have been around since the very beginning of time (July 17, 1955), and there are all different forms of them:

Cup form:

Mad Tea Party

Located in every Disney Magic Kingdom. These are Florida’s version, ca 1990.

Dark Ride form:

Alice in Wonderland

Disneyland – my personal favorite Disney dark ride.

Small World form:

Alice in Wonderland

Also Disneyland.  I find them to be delightful.  What’s your opinion?  Let me know!

Maze form:

Alice's Curious Labyrinth

Disneyland Paris’ Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. The Cheshire Cat is everywhere!

Even in parade form:

Main Street Electrical Parade

Alice in Electrical Paradeland.

If you can’t honor Alice by visiting any of these attractions, then I don’t know what to do with you.

Cheshire Cafe

Failing all of that, there’s a restaurant.

You can get yourself an iced coffee here.  Unfortunately, you can’t get any mystery food or drink labelled “drink me” or “eat me” here.  None of the drinks here will make you shrink or grow.  However, they might alter your consciousness if you couple them with a teacup spin or two.

This restroom is a transition restroom, sort of an afterthought to those people that are on their way somewhere.  In addition, this particular spoke on the hub, in this humble author’s opinion, is the least traveled spoke.  Even with the addition of New Fantasyland, people still want to feel all magical and go through the castle.  So this restroom is not particularly crowded, and not as well themed as certain other Alice restrooms in certain other Disney lands…

Disney Restroom

Perhaps the second most well-themed restroom in Disney parks?

By the way, if you stand on your head outside of this location, as the Cheshire Cat suggests, you’ll find that magic happens.

P.S. Not really.  The only thing that will happen is people looking at you.  But it’s fun to start a rumor.


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